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12 January 2015 @ 10:52 pm
Happy new year! Let me post three fanarts :)

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22 November 2014 @ 12:03 pm
I appreciated this movie three days ago.
It is a very wonderful work. It is beautiful.

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09 November 2014 @ 04:05 pm
Captain Yonoi burned in flames of shame
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08 January 2013 @ 02:53 pm
Here's a ficlet I posted at A03 for the movie Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence.  It's Lawrence/OFC.  Pre-movie and in my universe for my OC (later will write a full fic for this.)  Hope you like!

16 August 2012 @ 01:45 pm
It's been a while. :) In the last couple of days I've had a hankering for some MCML stories and I actually found three fics I had never seen before and were not posted here so far.

The first one is from a sort of message board and I didn't find a way to contact the author so I hope he (I think) will not mind me posting it here. You can find it under the cut because it is absolutely not worksave (R - NC-17). I never thought I would find some Yonoi/Celliers smut. Ever. :D

Untitled MCML fanficCollapse )

Then there is the wonderful Moon, Moths and Christian Name by trueishcolours on Deviantart. It very much captures the spirit and feel of the movie and is sort of a missing scene as well, just like the story above.

And last but not least another missing scene fic called Carpet by DarkRose86, in Italian. Obviously only reading and understanding it in the original language will do it justice but since not even six years of Latin in school are enough I used an online translator and it works well enough to understand the story and make me wish there had been a scene like that in the movie. ^_^

Enjoy! :-)

15 April 2010 @ 12:45 am

Somewhere around 2001 or 2002 I read an article about the German edition of "Stupeur et tremblements" by Amelie Nothomb. The novel tells the tragic-comic adventures of a young Belgian woman working in a Japanese company for a year - seems to me it's an autobiographical chapter of Nothombs own life, though so far I haven't seen an official affirmation of that. But the parallels between the "real" Amelie and the Amelie of the fiction are just *too* close.
The books is also available in English, under the title "Fear and trembling".

Despite some critique the book was still recommended as entertaining and touching - I didn't run to the next bookshop, but I kept it in the back of my mind.  
A while after 2002, I guess - in the meantime I had seen "Furyo" for the first time - a while after 2002 I discovered the book by accident on my way out of a library. Quick decision to borrow it.

It is an easy read, and as expected the story is humorous as well as a bit tragic ( Amelie gets kind of bullied in her job. Bullied in Japanese style.). And what made my fangirl heart squee in joy: FURYO PLAYS A LITTLE PART IN IT!

But don't expect too much now! If I remember correctly it has two "appereances" in the novel, a longer and a shorter one. Miss Mori is Amelie's direct superior, she's beautiful, but rather harsh towards Amelie. Once they have a chat about the movie, both of them have seen it. Mori appreciates the music, but not the story (she claims that it portrayed Japaneses WW2 history in a wrong way). Amelie likes the film and begins to draw lines between the movie plot and her situation - Miss Mori is "her" pretty, cold Yonoi.

As already mentioned don't expect too much Furyo, but if my little review sounds interesting now you might give the book a try.

Btw hellooo, I've been a lurker but with this tip I'm stepping a bit into the light. :) As mentioned already above, I saw "Furyo - Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence" in 2002. On German TV with a German dub. And, what I learned years later, the German version had also a few scenes cut out. Siiigh, why? No wonder those crippled parts never made fully sense to me.
Still, even that version left a big impression on me, Furyo is one of my very favourite movies. Sooner or later I should finally buy a good DVD version - the German one sucks again, they didn't do anything about the missing scenes (but please don't think Germany handles every movie like this).
03 January 2010 @ 01:12 am
Hello! Lovely to find that someone's carved out a little corner of the internet for this film. I saw it first yonks ago, and was more than surprised to find it had absolutely no internet presence. Having no internet to bounce off and no friends who had seen it, my fangeekery was forced, alas, to lie dormant. Fortunately, when I took it to my friend stargazy's house a couple of months ago (I suspect she'll be making a post here at some point) she too was hit by fandom, and then we were off! And I really do mean that. Without any internet to read on the matter, we ended up doing a LOT of discussion, ultimately resulting in a huge bulk of material. Some day we will get around to organising this information. Some day.

While our compendium project did come to a standstill (some day...), some things DID actually happen, which I now present to you: something to read, something to watch and something(s) to look at and use.

1) Link!
First and foremost is what we produced together - namely a page on the website tvtropes. If you don't know this website, you will soon! It's the best thing ever. :D You will have much fun there. It's an informal wiki for tv, film, books etc and the recognisable devices which are used in them. Earlier this month I decided to do something about the fact that MCML had no page on the site, and started to write one. So go have a look and amuse yourself  - one of the great joys of the website is reading about films and programmes and things you know! If you think it's been blanked enough, you might also want to link people there as film!bait, to tempt them to watch the film. As things stand, stargazy  and I are the only editors of the page, so please go ahead and edit if you think there's something missing or incorrect. If you don't know the website then you should probably spend a while browsing it before you edit, just to get the feel of the place, editing etiquette and how you should write there. General advice would be to make additional points on a trope by adding a bullet point beneath, but you'll see yourself when you browse the site. Anyway, here's the page itself.

2) Fanvid!
That's our group work done, and the second thing is a fanvid I made. What can I say? Song was stuck in my head, I thought I should learn to make fanvids, I was still fansploding over MCML and I thought they'd fit nicely together. And so this was born. And boy was it a learning experience. Nearly drove me demented! Still, the first time is probably the most difficult.

3) Icons!
The third thing is actually several things: icons! Under the cut because they're pictures. Every fandom needs icons. These are mostly for general use, but there are a couple of fandom-specific ones. The obligatory teasers:
Icons! 20 of 'em.Collapse )
So there you go! Some stuff for you to play with. I hope this little community waddles along happily as time goes by, even if it's not the most active. :)
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05 December 2009 @ 03:33 pm
ayatsujik was so kind to allow me to post her wonderful story 'Turning the Wheel' here. You can also go here to post a comment directly to her journal and read her introduction to the fic. :)

Turning the Wheel...Collapse )

It's such a little gem, makes my heart ache in the right way and well, it is fitting for this time of the year. :)
02 December 2009 @ 07:22 pm
And some more scans from an issue of Italian magazine Max from 1990 with an interview with Sakamoto. These are not directly MCML-related but since my Italian is non-existent (apart from what I can still figure out with the help of Latin *g*) I was just being shallow and got it for the pretty pics of Ryuichi. :)

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